Red Hat Enterprise Linux - RHEL 9

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux - RHEL 9
Instructors: The Learnitive
2 sections • 6 lectures • 49m total length
Video: MP4 1280x720 44 KHz | English + Sub
Updated 7/2022 | Size: 266 MB

Learn about the new features of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL 9 and RHCSA certification 2022
What you'll learn
You will gain understanding of RHEL 9 Linux fundamentals and concepts
You will be able to troubleshoot everyday Linux related issues
You will learn how to automate everyday tedious and reptitive tasks
Learn the new tools and commands added in Red Hat RHEL 9 (2022)
You will need a Linux machine but if you have a Windows computer then you can install VirtualBox and install Linux
You've come to the right place if you want to become a Red Hat RHEL 9 administrator and engineer. In very basic terms and language, this course will teach you the basics and changes you need to know about Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9 (2022). You will get knowledge about Linux with a focus on the new RHCSA 2022 objectives. Highly recommend this course to Linux Administrators who have some experiences with Linux and want to increase/repeat knowledge. Topics mentioned in a course give opportunity beginners to start an adventure with Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.; Some images/ contents used in this course are under license: Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed) from Red Hat, we have added Quizzes and supporting documents to complete the course. We hope it will help to do your job more efficiently.
What will you learn?
This course is appropriate for anybody aiming to achieve Red Linux skills and pass the test in 2022, but, although challenging, it will also be appropriate for anybody aiming to achieve a basic foundation.
Course structure
Each lesson starts with a video lecture where you're presented with new Linux command and examples. Videos range from about 5-15 minutes in length.
Instructor support
As part of the course, The Learnitive will provide constant support to all learners through the timely answer to all exam-related questions. Students can contact via course messages.
Who this course is for:Anyone who wants to advance his/her career with Linux RHEL 9 skills e.g., Students, Researchers, IT Professionals.System AdministratorsDevOps TechniciansIT Specialists

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