Laravel Courses Full Library 2022

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Laravel Courses Full Library 2022 | 4.29 GB
330 hours, about a hundred individual pieces

Type of material handed out : Video lessons
Language : English
A fresh complete library of all courses from on all aspects of Laravel (with usually short lessons of about 5-15 min ... can be learned in small chunks of free time). The courses are sorted into folders as categories. Distribution updated, at least once a year
Subtitles : none
Examples : none
Audio : opus, 48KHz, stereo, ~10kbps
Video : av1, 1920x1080, 10fps, ~20kbps
Video format : mkv - the result of re-encoding the original to reduce the distribution size by more than an order of magnitude. To minimize the size, I pinched it with a modern codec, so that on a smart TV or in old players on a computer it may not show a video picture (if you have problems on your computer, try the modern version of PotPlayer or VLCPlayer)
If you find any specific video and / or sound artifacts that interfere with learning, report them under the distribution or write in a personal message. Moving objects, such as a lecturer's face, may have noticeable degradation in quality. I believe that sometimes the appearance of the lecturer's face is not the main thing for learning! If this is important to you, then keep a hundred gigs of videos in original quality, the collective farm is a voluntary business!

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